Jacob Barrick

Midwest-based graphic designer and artist.

Michael and Karyn Lutz Center for After School Matters Wayfinding

After School Matters is a non-profit, arts-centric program for CPS students which focuses on soft skills and professional development. In September of 2017, they opened their flagship building named The Michael and Karyn Lutz Center. The interior design of the building combines natural material accents with color-coded floors. These quirks served as the initial inspiration for the wayfinding system. Instead of diminishing these elements, I worked them into the signage with location-dependent colored gem-shape backgrounds.

Signage is made from a rectangle of unbreakable sheet acrylic, vinyl gem-shape backing, and raised laser-cut plastic lettering to conform to ADA standards.

Signs range from 3”x6” to 5”x10” as needed to comply with ADA specs and fire/building codes. The gem-shape scales proportionally for consistency.

Custom monoline icons to visually identify room types.

This project was completed while working freelance for Bark Design.