Creepy Company

Creepy Company is a Chicago-based horror fandom retailer that primarily operates on Instagram. Since 2015, their business has grown exponentially and has transformed from selling campy horror inspired merchandise to creating licensed merchandise for franchises such as Vincent Price, Goosebumps, Garbage Pail Kids, and Pee-Wee Herman. Their growth of brand equity relies heavily on a rigorous upload schedule which means building a large backlog of posts.



I built a Photoshop template including various logomarks, brand background colors, and texture effects to streamline the process. Batches of product images in various treatments can be rendered quickly once photo retouching has been finished.




Creepy Company’s enamel pins often come with moving parts or surprise features. Using the existing template files, I use Photoshop’s animation capabilities to show pins in motion.



Special product announcements often require special formatting. For the first My Pet Monster release, I drew slimey type, reminiscent of the brand’s logotype. New releases would often sell out within hours, so hourly posts were critical.



Before and after photos of typical image correction done to enamel pin photos.





Photos are arranged in a checkerboard theme.