Jacob Barrick

Midwest-based graphic designer and artist.

Do Make Break

What do we value most in design? Is it cleanliness, organization, purpose, or something else? Do Make Break poses a question to these values by allowing participants control over a shared design space. Provided with tiled laser prints, text, tape, and the permission to remove or alter anything they dislike, gallery-goers were given the opportunity to either make design or make a mess. Like much of my work, the ultimate goal of the piece was to explore alternative strategies of design. In the piece, there are two major zones of composition; the 4×4′ square delineated by tape as well as the 3D zone of the clear trash bin.

This piece was exhibited at The Design Show 2015 at the Chicago Art Department on April 10, 2015. First 5 photos by Zhenqi Ong.