Jacob Barrick

Midwest-based graphic designer and artist.

Joyous Design Is Not Apolitical

Typefarce 1 was a show of satirical and critical design pointed at and embedded within Typeforce, then in it’s 6th year. Typeforce is an annual design show centered around the creative use of typography. The goal of Typefarce, which was independently curated by the design house Dgenerator, was to both empower designers to use satire and social critique while also calling into question its effectiveness within the medium. Where does design fail to be critical?

The sentiment that joyous design is not apolitical is something I developed while defending my work in graduate school. I firmly believe that art is not created in a vacuum. Even the most benign piece of cultural product carries with it the ideals and anxieties of the time in which it is produced.

The risograph print is perforated to allow the print to be sectioned up word-by-word and mailed as postcards. The a in apolitical lies just outside of the crop-zone, alongside a literally marginal manifesto.

Note: This work was originally credited to a redacted image and a redacted name.