Jacob Barrick

Midwest-based graphic designer and artist.

Tag: digital

  • Poketo



    The following email newsletters were answers to a speculative design request by Poketo, an LA-based artist and designer-made goods store. The first newsletter follows the existing Poketo brand more closely- light and airy, colorful, but not overwhelming. The combined edges of the photographs create an irregular border, peppered by scattered type. The second newsletter is

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  • Selected Illustrations

    Selected Illustrations

    Emilia Fart Illustration of Emilia Fart, a youtuber who uses the medium for publicly processing grief and mental health while documenting her life. Geekhaus: Witches Geekhaus: Witches [ft. Rosemary Maybe, Connor Konz, Fox E. Kim, & Hot Tawdry] Hairy Queen Illustrations for Hairy Queen [ft. Siichele, Maureeen SanDiego, Saltine, Her?, Matt Adore, & Jo Mama]

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  • Nike Seeding Strategy

    Nike Seeding Strategy

    This internal Nike deck communicates influencer and event-based marketing strategies. The design of the deck involves sophisticated motion graphics built from Keynote’s intuitive animation capabilities. This project was completed while working freelance for Studio 424.

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