Jacob Barrick

Midwest-based graphic designer and artist.

Tag: motion graphics

  • Surface Design

    Surface Design

    Patterns and surfaces for plush toys, clothing, interiors, and prints. I began learning pattern design for fabric as a side-project to my MFA studies. I had just learned to sew and quickly became dissatisfied with how dated and middle-of-the-road commercial fabrics looked. My early inspiration drew from Ettore Sottsas and Nathalie du Pasquier. More recently,

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  • Creepy Company

    Creepy Company

    Creepy Company is a Chicago-based horror fandom retailer that primarily operates on Instagram. Since 2015, their business has grown exponentially and has transformed from selling campy horror inspired merchandise to creating licensed merchandise for franchises such as Vincent Price, Goosebumps, Garbage Pail Kids, and Pee-Wee Herman. Their growth of brand equity relies heavily on a

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  • Nike Seeding Strategy

    Nike Seeding Strategy

    This internal Nike deck communicates influencer and event-based marketing strategies. The design of the deck involves sophisticated motion graphics built from Keynote’s intuitive animation capabilities. This project was completed while working freelance for Studio 424.

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