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Genr8 Conference Print Program


The Generate Conference is a meeting of web designers and developers to discuss next-generation tech and design thinking. This project is a speculative redesign of conference branding materials, including a renaming to GENR8. Taking inspiration from the Memphis Group, the logotype pulls from disparate geometric elements to illustrate the experimental energy of pulling together so many cutting-edge fields.

Print Brochure

The printed conference brochure is accordion-fold, 2-color

There are two concurrent tracks in the conference which means there will always be two sessions to choose from. This spread highlights potential schedule conflicts clearly, allowing attendees to make quick, informed decisions on which session to attend. Keynotes are conference-wide sessions and are given the full page to distinguish them from sessions.

This spread includes the lunch hour which, like the keynote, is given a full page. Page content includes meal options and local dining recommendations. The last page announces the next conference location with booking information attached.

Digital Scheduling App

Mockup of the conference schedule app in three stage views:
1. Log-in screen
2. Schedule waterfall
3. Details page

 Conference Presentation Slides

Introduction slide for the branded conference presentation.

The underlying grid structure.

Branded slides with session information. The red circle with “10” displays two pieces of information:
1) It starts at 10AM, and 2) it’s on Track A (left). Session topics are given iconographic drawings to easily distinguish between content.

Speaker profiles contain professional bios and information on their sessions.

Breaks in between slides announce neighboring locations to find food, coffee, or spaces for networking. The finale slide follows the visual cues of the introduction slide.


Branded Conference Swag

Complimentary branded notebooks and pencils.

Branded Hydroflask & Enamel “8” pins in three colorways.

Conference badges in three colorways to quickly identify attendees presenters, and conference workers.

Digital Ads

Inline Rectangle (300:250 ratio) web banner. / Wide Skyscraper Banner (600:166 ratio) web banner.

More About Me

Graphic designer focusing on brand identity, marketing design, and textile and surface design. Background and experience with digital and print design.

Graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and University of Northern Iowa.

Loves science fiction, garment sewing, vintage and designer toys, and collecting books and VHS tapes.

Capabilities include Adobe CC including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and After Effects. Powerpoint, Keynote, and Slides. Notion, Figma, and Adobe XD. Digital design and web development with experience in Wordpress, Drupal, and Webflow.

Strong interest in experimental, maximalist, retro-futuristic, and post-modern design.

View my textile and surface design collections here.

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